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How We Are Different

Blackmetric : Co-creation, consistent, reliable.  Delivered.

Some consultancies are formal, stuffy and act like they know more than their clients. Some are are more interested in abstract theory and ‘billable time’ than successful outcomes.  We aren’t like that.  We strive to understand our customers needs and work with them to deliver the change they need to their business.

We don’t want to become a full-time addition to our clients; in many ways, if this happens, we’ve failed. Our job is to consult, create valuable change, and leave lasting value behind us.  We hope by doing this, we’ll be top of our client’s list if they need our services in future.

We know that business isn’t a popularity contest, and we’ll ask the difficult questions.  We’ll work with you to understand the problems or opportunities that you face, and we’ll challenge (and be challenged!) along the way.  We’ll build relationships, build rapport and will deliver.

We’re small, nimble and ready to adapt to your needs… but we think and act globally.  Most of all, we stick by our philosophy of doing an awesome job, consistently in every engagement.

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