September 10, 2017

Systems Thinking: A Crucial BA Skill in an Uncertain World

Systems Thinking: A complex set of connectionsIt has often been said that we live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.  The external business environment is moving fast, and the ability to create organisations that can adapt and learn is crucial.   Yet, so often our stakeholders are blindsided by sickly-sweet silver-bullet solutions that assume a neat linear relationship between cause and effect.  The trouble is that things are rarely that simple, and in trying to navigate the organisational ‘spaghetti’, so often we find it hard to get beyond short-term fire-fighting.

In this practical and hands-on one day course, you will hear about the importance of systems thinking in a business analysis context.

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Course Content:

The course is highly customisable and covers a range of topics, including:

  • Introduction:  The nature of an interconnected world, definition of a ‘system’ and an introduction to systems thinking and practice
  • Considering a Situation of Interest:  Introduction to techniques and concepts that are useful when initially considering a problematic situation. Including:
    • Differentiating between a ‘difficulty’ and a ‘mess’,
    • The traps of linear thinking
    • Introduction to systems concept of ‘feedback’ and ’emergence’
    • A BA technique for external environment analysis
  • Techniques and Concepts:  A range of systems techniques and concepts including:
    • Rich pictures
    • Multiple cause diagrams
    • Causal loops.
    • Discussion of ‘appreciation’ and organisational learning.
  • Systems Thinking in Business Analysis:  Aligning systems thinking to typical BA activities, using IIBA®’s BABOK® Guide
  • Reflection: The opportunity to reflect and consider where new knowledge gained on the course will be applied

Inclusive Material:

Each delegate receives a printed copy of the Blackmetric Course Manual which contains a concise summary of the course.

Click here to download a PDF version of this course description

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