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Customised and Bespoke BA Training

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In addition to our range of immersive, practical ‘off-the-shelf’ courses, we also design and deliver customised and bespoke business analysis courses.  

Our particular passion is delivering short, one or two day modular courses, that really make a difference to you and your team.  If there’s a specific skill or technique that you’d like to develop within your organisation, please get in touch.   Equally, if you’d like a whole programme of learning delivered, we can help with that too.  It’s not just the “hard” technical skills either; we also love delivering training in some of the “softer” skills that are required for business analysis.

When developing a customised course, we work closely with you to ensure that it will achieve the specific learning objectives you are aiming for.  We’ll develop an outline, and will agree the specific areas of focus.  We can even bring in specific templates or tools from your organisation to make it as actionable and useful as possible.

Contact us today on (023) 9298 4546 to schedule an initial discussion, we’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss how we can help.

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