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Adrian SpeakingDo you need a keynote speaker for your conference or event?  Our Principal Consultant, Adrian Reed is a regular speaker and would be delighted to speak at your event.

Before the event, we’ll work with you to discuss the specific outcomes that you are looking to achieve from your event.  By knowing this, we can tailor a speech/presentation just for you.  We can ensure that we include a strong ‘call to action’, or that we focus on specific material that is relevant for your business and your teams.

Previous topics and clients/conferences have included:

  • Building Business Capability 2015, Las Vegas “Strategic Business Analysis: Identifying the Business Need Before the Project Starts” and “Strategy: The Elephant in the Room”
  • BA Conference Europe 2015 “Strategy: The Elephant in the Room”
  • Advanced Business Approaches 2015, Slovenia “The role of Strategy in Change: An organisational compass”
  • UCISA PCMG15  2015 “The dark arts of business analysis”
  • Building Business Capability 2014, Miami “The indispensable BA and the surprising truth: You work in sales!”
  • BA Conference Europe 2014 “The indispensable BA and the surprising truth: You work in sales!”
  • PAMS Summit 2014, Krakow, Afternoon Keynote “Avoiding the dark, dead-ended rabbit holes: The importance of BA and PM collaboration before a project is initiated.”
  • BA Camp 2014, Vienna, Opening Keynote “Promoting the value of the BA role”
  • Intel BA Web 2014 “Avoiding the Solution Illusion”
  • BSC2013 Latvia, Opening Keynote “Helping stakeholders to take a step back and avoid the solution illusion”
  • Charity IT Leaders’ Forum: “The ‘Dark Arts’ of Business Analysis”
  •  BA Conference Europe, 2013 “Avoid the Dark, Dead-Ended Rabbit Holes: A Thin Slice of Problem Analysis”
  • Financial Services Client “Promoting the value of Business Analysis” – A 50 minute presentation designed to engage & inspire the audience whilst showing the “art of the possible” and what the BA role could and should be.
  • Franklin-Hackett ‘Mindsets to maximise your performance Conference 2013’
  • UNICOM Business Analysis Conference 2013 “Avoiding the ‘Solution Illusion’: A Thin Slice of Problem Analysis”
  • Virgin Media – “Promoting the value of the BA team” – A 1 hour presentation designed to provide the audience with concrete tips, tools and techniques on how they can communicate the value of Business Analysis to their stakeholders.
  • High-Tech Client, Cambridge – Keynote speech at internal BA conference – A 1 hour keynote presentation followed by an interactive brainstorming session with syndicate groups
  • UNICOM Building Business Capabilities with Business Analysis Conference, 2012 conference chair. I chaired the conference, and gave a presentation on the value that good quality business analysis can add.
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe, 2012 – “From Scepticism to Advocacy: Proving the value of the BA role”
  • ReqLabs 2012 (Kyiv, Ukraine)  “Enterprise Analysis: The importance of the ‘Why’ and the ‘What“. – A 45 minute presentation introducing concrete techniques that can be used to understand a business problem
  • Analyst Days (Minsk, Belarus) – A 45 minute presentation showing when and where business analysis is useful on projects, and discussing how to convince sceptical stakeholders. Followed by co-running a half-day training workshop focussing on business analysis early in the project lifecycle.
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 – “Business engagement on technical IT projects” – a 50 minute presentation giving a case study and providing the audience with tips on how to engage business stakeholders
  • ReqLabs conference Kiev, Ukraine 2011: “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering Projects in the face of adversity”
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe  2010 – “BA function, IT or business change?” – I co-presented a 50 minute presentation discussing whether the BA function should sit with IT, or with the business.
  • 2011 IIBA New York City Chapter Meeting-  “Making a difference in change projects : The expanding BA role”
  • 2011 IIBA Washington DC Chapter Meeting- “Making a difference in change projects : The expanding BA role”
  • 2011 IIBA New Jersey Chapter Meeting – “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering projects in the face of adversity”
  • 2011 IIBA Baltimore Chapter Meeting- “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering projects in the face of adversity”
  • JCI Portsmouth – “Speaking on your feet” – Public speaking workshop

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