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Meeting and Workshop Facilitation

Do you want to get more from your meetings and workshops?

Do you have an important meeting or workshop that just has to go right?  Do you need an independent and creative facilitator for your meeting, workshop or off-site brainstorming session? We can help.

We can offer an impartial and independent facilitator who will set up, execute and write up the meeting.  We use innovative creative thinking techniques to help you solve problems.  It’ll be engaging, high-energy, fun and you’ll get an awesome result.

We can facilitate sessions including:

  • A woman holding a lighbulbVision & Strategy:  Articulating and setting direction for an organisation, project or department
  • Creative thinking:  Generating ideas, brainstorming, finding solutions or maybe even brand new products or services
  • Problem solving:  Understanding the root causes of any business problems you have
  • Project Kick-off: Understanding the real objective of a project, gaining shared buy-in and moving forward with confidence
  • Business modelling:  Understanding how a business currently operates and inviting attendees to provide ideas for improvement
  • Requirements elicitation:  Working with stakeholders to understand their requirements for a product, service or project
  • Post-project reviews:  Lessons-learned sessions
  • …. and many, many more.

We help take the stress out of running your meeting.  We believe meetings and workshops are most effective when people are engaged, switched-on, and having fun!

To discuss how Blackmetric can help run your meeting or workshop, contact us by e-mail or call us now on

+44 (0) 23 9298 4546

Our approach

Before the meeting:

We will meet or speak with you in advance to ensure we fully understand the meeting objectives, and we’ll discuss the key deliverable or outcomes that you are aiming to achieve.  We’ll put together a bespoke and tailored workshop plan, which will outline the tools, techniques and exercises that we’ll use.  You’ll see this in advance of the meeting.

During the meeting:

We will facilitate your meeting, keeping the meeting “on track”, on time and on scope.   We keep the attendees engaged with high-energy creative techniques.

After the meeting:

We’ll forward you the written-up output from the meeting.   You have a choice of receiving “raw output” (for example, photos of flip charts, whiteboards etc), “written up” output or both.

Our facilitator

Our facilitator is Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant at Blackmetric.  If you’d like an initial free, informal chat with Adrian, please contact us today.

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