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Webinars and Videos

Webinar LogoIn 2017, we launched our BA Community Webinar series.   Our vision is to create a series of thought provoking webinars each of which is presented by a guest speaker.  We focus on subject areas that are relevant for practitioners of business analysis. In 2019, we expanded this series to include interviews and  other videos.  We hope you find this content useful.

For details of upcoming webinars and other events, check out our events section

Webinar: Travelling Light: The Baggage-Free BA – With David Beckham Play Webinar
Webinar: Building Good to Great Workshops – Visual Thinking, Gamification and Story Telling with Paddy Dhanda and Grant Wright Play Webinar
#BAFringe S1E1: Rich Pictures, BA Service Catalogue, Cybersecurity & UX Play Webinar
Webinar: Small Talk, Big Value Building Great Working Relationships In A Virtual World with Kristy Dean Play Webinar
Webinar: Bouncing Back from BA Redundancy: An Interactive Panel Session with Michelle Shakesheff and Simon Rookledge Play Webinar
Webinar: We’re All User-centred, Aren’t We? With Chris Burns Play Webinar
Webinar: Understanding Customer Motivation: Why Do Customers Do What They Do? With Michael Lachapelle Play Webinar
Webinar: Business Analysis in an Agile Context Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls with Kent McDonald Play Webinar
Webinar: Is It Possible To Anticipate The Future? How BAs Can Help with Lori Silverman Play Webinar
Webinar: The Product Owner Role: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask! With Allan Kelly Play Webinar
Webinar: Business Agility Beyond Methods And Tools with Lynda Girvan & Karim Harbott Play Webinar
Webinar: Business Analysis: What’s New And What’s Changing? With Alec Sharp Play Webinar
Webinar: Beyond the Hype: Defining Requirements in Scaled Agile Approaches with Almudena Rodriguez Pardo Play Webinar
Webinar: Culture, Mindset and Wellbeing: How to Navigate the Complex World of Transformational Change with Corrine Thomas Play Webinar
Webinar: Business Analysis During Times Of Crisis: An Interactive Panel Discussion Play Webinar
Webinar: To Nudge Or Not To Nudge That Is The Question! With Andy Tabberer Play Webinar
Webinar: Diversity and Inclusion – Essential for Good Business and Society Play Webinar
Leading from the Middle: Influencing Delivery in Tricky Projects with Adrian Reed Play Webinar
Strategic Business Analysis: Confessions Of An Enterprise Analyst with Vince Mirabelli Play Webinar
Interview with Cynthia Davis: Diversity and Inclusion: Essential for Good Business and Society Play Webinar
Interview With Sarah Glenister: What If You Included Those Affected by the Change…? Play Webinar
Interview: The Change Agenda & Scaled Agile Approaches with Lyn Girvan and Will Izzard Play Webinar
Video: Business Analysis and Creativity with Jamie Champagne– at #BBCCon 2019 Play Webinar
Webinar: Ethical Project Reporting with Dr. Alexia Nalewaik Play Webinar
Video: Drawing and Visualisation for BAs with Penny Pullan #BBCCon 2019 Play Webinar
Video: Interview with Richard Frost Are you Caught in the Glare of Innovation Headlights? Play Webinar
Video: Empathy Mapping & Customer Journey Mapping with Vince Mirabelli – at #BBCCon 2019 Play Webinar
Video: Lean Strategy Execution with Filip Hendrickx at #BA2019 Play Webinar
Video: The Undercover Boss (and the BA) with Ryan Folster at #BA2019 Play Webinar
Video: Whose Perspective Is It Anyway: Practical Techniques for Understanding Tricky Stakeholders with Adrian Reed at #BA2019 Play Webinar
Video: Delivering Business Analysis with Christina Lovelock at #BA2019 Play Webinar
Webinar: How Diversity and Inclusion Help Analysis & Testing with Callum Akehurst-Ryan Play Webinar
Video: Whose Perspective Is It Anyway: Practical Techniques For Understanding Tricky Stakeholders with Adrian Reed Play Webinar
Video Interview: The Impact Of Change – David Beckham at #BA2019 Play Webinar
From Conflict To Collaboration With Clean Language — With Marian Way Play Webinar
Video Interview: Visualisation For Shared Meaning with Steve Whitla at #BA2019 Play Webinar
Video Interview: The Future of Business Analysis with Dr. Debra Paul Play Webinar
Business Analysis Careers Panel: How to get in, how to progress, and what next? Play Webinar
Video Interview: Modern Ethics with Liz Calder Play Webinar
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Bloated Bureaucracy or an Enabler for Business Agility? with Almudena Rodriguez Pardo Play Webinar
Pre-Project Problem Analysis: A Crucial Enabler For Project Success with Adrian Reed Play Webinar
Business Analysis and Systems Analysis: Closely Connected or Miles Apart? Play Webinar
Assessments: When should we use them, when should we lose them? With Curtis Michelson Play Webinar
The Mindful BA – Building Resilience Through Mindfulness with Kathy Berkidge Play Webinar
Digital Transformation or ‘Digital as Usual’?: The Power of a ‘Top Tasks’ Approach with Gerry McGovern Play Webinar
Innovative Elicitation: Let’s Take a Fresh Perspective on an Old Technique! With Jamie Champagne Play Webinar
Are you solving the right problem? With James Robertson Play Webinar
We’re Drowning in Data! Are You Prepared to Come to the Rescue? With Lori Silverman Play Webinar
Business Analysis and Well-Being with Christina Lovelock and Corrine Thomas Play Webinar
Systems Dynamics: The BA Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed! With Wim Debreuck Play Webinar
Business Analyst or Business Strategist? With Adrian Reed Play Webinar
Digital Business Analysis: Panel Discussion with Bindu Channaveerappa, Alex Papworth & Andrew Turner Play Webinar
Winning in the Innovation Game: Tools, Tactics, Teams with Filip Hendrickx Play Webinar
Powerful, Persuasive Presentations for BAs – How to move your audience towards action with Gavin Meikle Play Webinar
Agile and Business Analysis: An Expert Panel with Lynda Girvan, Chris Matts & Tony Heap Play Webinar
Influencing without Authority: developing organisational intelligence with Sarah Coleman Play Webinar
Are you thinking what you think you’re thinking? With Liz Calder Play Webinar
Soft Skills, Hard Business with Neil Mullarkey Play Webinar
Assertiveness and the Power of NO with Almarie Meyer Play Webinar
Systems Thinking: A Crucial BA Skill in an Uncertain World — with Adrian Reed Play Webinar
The Cause, Removal and Prevention of Business Process Tangles with Brian Hunt Play Webinar
Virtual Leadership with Dr. Penny Pullan Play Webinar
User Experience Foundations with Nick de Voil Play Webinar
An Introduction to NLP with Corrine Thomas Play Webinar
IIBA® Multi-Level Certification Framework: An Overview (ECBA™, CBAP®, CCBA®, CBATL™) Play Webinar
Strategy: The Crucial Enabler with Adrian Reed Play Webinar
Helping Stakeholders to Take a Step Back and Avoid the “Solution Illusion” with Adrian Reed Play Webinar