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Project Health Check : 5 Serious Project Warning Signs

As experienced change practitioners, I’m sure we’ve all worked on projects that have been difficult.  The unfortunate truth is that some projects gain so much momentum, they become “too big to fail”.  These projects steamroll their way through organisations, and have a tendency to displace anyone that dares to challenge them.

Sometimes when working closely on a project, it is difficult to see the warning signs.  However, it is worth carrying out a project “health check” every now and then, to check for danger signs.  If you see any significant warning signals, then you might need to take some serious (and unpopular) corrective action.  Five such signals are discussed below:

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Do *you* look beyond 80/20?

The ’80/20′ rule is cited and used in many business and project contexts. This is useful as a ‘rule of thumb’, but real insight can be gained by looking beyond the simple proportions of 80/20.