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wdt_ID Article Author Edition Keywords Link
284 5 Ways to Ask the Same Question Christina Lovelock 2020-Q4 Brainstorming, Creative Thinking, Elicitation
285 The "Solution" Is Simple, Isn’t It? Adrian Reed 2020-Q4 Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics, Feedback Loops
286 Agility & Systems Thinking Lyn Girvan 2020-Q4 Agile, Agility, Systems Thinking
287 Ten Top Tips for Virtual Leadership for Business Analysts Dr Penny Pullan 2020-Q4 Leadership, Virtual Meetings, Hybrid Meetings
288 What Is an Agile Business Analyst Kent McDonald 2020-Q4 Agile, Agile BA
289 A Fireside Chat: Martial Arts, Magic & Business Analysis Paula Bell 2020-Q4 Storytelling (example of), Story telling (example of)
290 Avoiding the “Solution Illusion” with Pre-Project Problem Analysis Adrian Reed 2020-Q4 Pre-Project Problem Analysis, Problem Solving, Enterprise Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Strategic Thinking
291 Why I Recommend Being an IIBA Member Judy Alter 2020-Q4 IIBA, Professional Association, Membership
292 Being a BA in the Screen Scrolling Economy: Business Analyst as Stakeholder Adrian Reed 2020-Q4 Social Media
293 Where Did You Get That Hat? Simon Girvan 2020-Q4 Manager, Management, Coaching
Article Author Edition Keywords Link