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Be A Great Problem Solver… Now!

“Be A Great Problem Solver…” is a practical book about understanding tricky business problems. Written by Adrian Reed (Principal Consultant at Blackmetric), it is designed to be a concise and actionable guide.

Download Problem Canvas & Extras
If you have read the book and would like to download a soft-copy of the problem canvas, you can do so below. You can also read the author’s blog (which features hundreds of articles related to business analysis and problem solving). You can also contact the author directly.

About the Book
This 2-in-1 guide is designed to help you solve problems quickly, whilst giving you the deeper knowledge to ensure long-lasting results. With the unique 2-in-1 approach, you can learn your way. Use the seven Speed Read tips immediately, then take your time exploring the Big Picture chapters. The books discusses how to analyse business problems and opportunities objectively and effectively to generate a range of possible solutions. It will help you avoid falling into the trap of selecting the first seemingly viable solution and highlights the importance of working collaboratively with co-workers and stakeholders. The book includes a concise one-page ‘Problem Canvas’ template which will help you to scope out and explore a problem As an ambitious manager, you need the right information at the right time to help you advance in your career. ‘The 2-in-1 Manager’ will ensure you improve and succeed in business, right now and in the future.

If you like the book, check out our ‘Pre-Project Problem Analysis’ training which covers key techniques from the book and more.

Book the Author to Speak at Your Event
If you are interested in having Adrian speak at your event, please get in touch.