Non-Functional Requirements Workshop

Lightbulb filled with cogs: Metaphor for complexity of requirementsBlackmetric’s non-functional requirement workshop is a practical, hands on workshop aimed to make eliciting and analysing non-functional requirements easier.

The course is highly customisable, and can be presented as either a half-day or full-day interactive workshop.

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Attendees of this course will gain a hands-on introduction to the elicitation, analysis and documentation of Non-Functional Requirements.  They will get a chance to practise the theory during the course, and will be provided with a practical, succinct and useful course manual which they can refer to after the course.

The main learning objectives are summarised below.  After successfully attending the course, delegates should:

  • Understand what NFRs are and their importance on projects
  • Know the typical categories of NFR and their significance on projects
  • Identify appropriate elicitation techniques that would be particularly relevant when handling NFRs
  • Identify typical stakeholders that are relevant for the elicitation and analysis of NFRs
  • Know the characteristics of a well-defined NFR and be able to apply these when documenting them
  • Understand how NFRs are typically documented

As with all Blackmetric courses, the NFR workshop can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.  Ready to find out more? Don’t hesitate to call us today.

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