Non-Functional Requirements Workshop

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Blackmetric’s non-functional requirement workshop is a practical, hands on workshop aimed to make eliciting and analysing non-functional requirements easier.

Attendees of this course will gain a hands-on introduction to the elicitation, analysis and documentation of Non-Functional Requirements.  They will get a chance to practise the theory during the course, and will be provided with a practical, succinct and useful course manual which they can refer to after the course.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

After successfully attending the course, delegates should:

  • Understand what NFRs are and their importance on projects
  • Know the typical categories of NFR and their significance on projects
  • Identify appropriate elicitation techniques that would be particularly relevant when handling NFRs
  • Identify typical stakeholders that are relevant for the elicitation and analysis of NFRs
  • Know the characteristics of a well-defined NFR and be able to apply these when documenting them
  • Understand how NFRs are typically documented

Course Contents

1. Introduction
Requirement Types
– Overview of a requirements classification schema.
– Understanding the different types of requirements.
The Importance of Non-Functional Requirements
2. Stakeholders
Stakeholder Identification
Stakeholder Types
Relevance of NFRs to different stakeholder groups
3. Change Delivery Lifecycles
Overview of different approaches
– Plan-driven lifecycles
– Change-driven lifecycles
– Build vs Buy
Comparison of approaches
– Timing and nature of NFR elicitation and analysis
4. Eliciting and Categorising NFRs
Eliciting NFRs: Brief overview of elicitation approaches, including how to plan the elicitation activitiy
Categorisation: Including an NFR categorisation schema
5. Analysing and Defining NFRs
Documenting NFRs: Use of textural statements to define NFRs
Prioritisation: Using the MoSCoW prioritisation framework
Verification & Validation: Quality-checking and achieving sign-off
Requirements Reuse: The relevance of reuse for NFRs.

Course Endorsement

This course is endorsed by IIBA®.

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