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Navigating The Mess: Practical Techniques for Early BA Engagement

Course Duration: 1 Day

Imagine the scene. You’ve been ‘parachuted in’ to a new project assignment, and you’re faced with disagreement everywhere.  Stakeholders are fighting, and there isn’t any kind of consensus of what problem we’re trying to solve here let alone how we’re trying to solve it.  A senior stakeholder has suggested buying a particular IT system, and this is now being portrayed as a silver bullet that will solve all of the organisations ills.  Yet you fear that if that avenue is pursued without analysis, we’ll get caught in a trap of having delivered exactly what they asked for only to find out it wasn’t what they actually needed.

If this scene resonates with you, then this course is for you.  This hands-on, interactive and practical session covers strategic business analysis techniques that allow practitioners to quickly navigate their way through, and carry out analysis, in messy problem situations during the early stages of the business change lifecycle.    You’ll hear:

• Practical techniques for stakeholder analysis and management
• Techniques for beginning to understand complex problematical situations
• Techniques for ensuring there is a common view on the outcomes being sought by a project

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