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Straightforward Business Consulting

Does your business need to deliver more with less?
Metaphor for ideasThere’s no denying that it’s a tough economic climate out there, and it’s more important than ever that businesses act as effectively and efficiently as possible.   However, this provides innovative and smart organisations with an opportunity: by looking inwards and making small sustainable changes, it’s possible to innovate and get ahead of your competitors.


  • Do you spend too much time fire-fighting urgent issues, rather than innovating and dealing with the strategy of your business?
  • Do you need a fresh perspective on your existing business
  • Do you feel that your business processes could be improved?
  • Do your IT Systems and software sometimes seem to get in the way?
  • Do you find it difficult to get a complete view of how your business is performing?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the core questions above, then we can help.   At Blackmetric we specialise in helping businesses of all sizes become as efficient and effective as possible.  We help our clients to solve their organisational problems, increase efficiency and avoid distractions so they can focus on the core business that they know and love.  We help business to innovate, build on their firm foundations, and find new ways to succeed.

Our services include:

Business Analysis & Improvement Consultancy | Management Consultancy | Business Model Consultancy | Process  Analysis and re-engineering | Training

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