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The Core Concepts of Performance Improvement with Sasha Aganova

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The Core Concepts of Performance Improvement with Sasha Aganova

December 7, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm

We can all agree that everyone wants better business performance. While there are many avenues to improvement — aligning end products and services to our customer needs, gaining actionable insights from analysing reliable business data, and having a more knowledgeable team, are all worthy efforts to almost guaranteed improved performance.

The challenge is that these and other improvement efforts span such vastly different domains, it is easy to overoptimise each area, and forget there is ultimately just one goal: enhance overall performance.

Business process discipline provides the foundation to synchronise and align all the individual components of the business, without losing track of the big picture, and the complex interdependencies that always exist.

In this session, Sasha Aganova will introduce some key techniques that will help you become better at what you do and will provide critical factors to grow process maturity in your organisation.

About the Speaker
Sasha Aganova brings innovative ideas to the intersection of new forms of business processes, business design, and cultural transformation. Her forward-thinking, pragmatic approach to today’s challenges is based on over 20 years as a leader of business process modernization. This approach was developed while working with diverse companies around the world to improve their ways of operating. Sasha writes thought-provoking articles for publications like BPTrends and the Huffington Post. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with the broader community at conferences as a frequent presenter, and keynote speaker. In addition to her consulting and training work, Sasha is also currently teaching an undergraduate-level course in Integrated Systems Design at the University of Toronto.

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