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Successful Stakeholder Engagement: Building Connection and Rapport Through Mindfulness

April 13, 2021 @ 9:00 am 1:00 pm

Successful business analysis relies on effective stakeholder engagement. BAs must understand various stakeholder types, perspectives and attitudes to ensure they are engaged and will work with you to deliver successful project outcomes. While there are many tools and techniques BAs use to plan, analyse and monitor stakeholder engagement, mindfulness is an important skill needed to build rapport and trust to foster effective working relationships with stakeholders. 

This course provides practical tools and techniques to understand stakeholders and use mindfulness to build successful stakeholder engagement. You will learn about mindfulness and its benefits along with some simple mindfulness practices. Using mindfulness techniques will help you to better empathise with your stakeholders and communicate with them more effectively, building connection and more successful stakeholder engagement. 

Learning Objectives:

By attending this workshop, you will understand:
✔ How to plan for successful stakeholder engagement.
✔ What is mindfulness and its benefits.
✔ Why mindfulness is important for effective stakeholder engagement.
✔ How mindfulness improves collaboration and communication.
✔ Some common mindfulness techniques.
✔ How to apply mindfulness practices during day-to-day BA work.

Session Overview:

✔ Understanding stakeholders and stakeholder types.
✔ The common issues faced when engaging stakeholders.
✔ Stakeholder engagement planning and analysis.
✔ Understanding mindfulness and its benefits.
✔ Types of mindfulness practices.
✔ Applying mindfulness to build stakeholder engagement.
✔ Mindful communication techniques.
✔ The “Stakeholder Engagement Canvas”.
✔ Monitoring stakeholder engagement.

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