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Navigating the Gap: Hybrid Facilitation with Jamie Champagne [Interactive Workshop]

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Navigating the Gap: Hybrid Facilitation with Jamie Champagne [Interactive Workshop]

July 24 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm

Please note: This is an interactive 1-hour workshop. Please come prepared to participate, and please be aware that by attending your voice/audio will be recorded and made available after the event.

First we’re in person.  Then we’re completely digital.  And now we’re somewhere in the in-between.  Leverage the lost art of facilitation in this new frontier where the same principles and results still apply, and even are expected, yet can easily be navigated with a tailoring of your approach.

Who (and where) do you look at?  Can you do group activities when only one person is online?  Or what about when only two people are in person?  And what about when the technology isn’t cooperating and your boss expects results at two times the speed with greater results than you did in person just because you’re using technology!

This session brings the realities of hybrid work to the presentation with an emphasis on experience.  What does a good hybrid session look and FEEL like?  What are the tangible outcomes based on specific, tactical actions YOU can take to enable OTHERS to enjoy the session and get excited to be participants and not simply remote attendees?  When people are bought into not only the work, but then to the people leading the work, greater outcomes can be achieved!  The session focuses on your role as the facilitator.  What things do you need to setup and prepare before a hybrid session?  What are the pitfalls and controls that you need to maintain during a hybrid session?  And even what do you do after a hybrid session so that your time and energy continue to deliver value in all their efforts?  This gives you the facilitators guide to hybrid meetings and workshops so you can enable teams to produce quality results!

And so to get the most value out of the session, come prepared to interact and engage!  Bring your situations and questions to be addressed live in this collaborative experience where you will not only get to see, but also experience, the value of leveraging technology to enable teams to work where and how they work best.   With the help from Adrian, Jamie will take you through the many facets of what hybrid work means to analysts and change agents both today and tomorrow so that you can walk away confident no matter where your work takes you!

As this plans to be interactive, cameras and microphones are highly encouraged to be on and ready!  Questions and scenarios are completely welcomed (change the names of guilty parties to protect their faults and mind your p’s and q’s please as we will still be recording if you can’t make it live – but who would want to watch a recording when you can jump in and interact live??).

About the Facilitator
Do you ever wish you could be more productive in a day?  Do you dream of providing solutions that delight your customers?  Or even do you wish the project you’re working on actually finished as a “success?”  Jamie Champagne is truly beyond her “passionate BA” title as she embodies business analysis and embraces the driving motivation of adding value to those around her every day.  You know you need more than simple analysis worksheets and task tracking lists, and Jamie strives to deliver this through her experience not only in her business analysis career, but in her passion for process improvement, love of project and change management, and desire to be more productive in working with the current and future leaders of tomorrow.  She’ll help you build excitement in those technology projects and enjoyment in your facilitation sessions so that you are delivering not only valued requirements, but also solutions that continue to succeed well after your work is done. She loves helping humans collaborate WITH technology so come join her as you learn ways to use IT, have fun with IT, and get the most value of IT and all you do!

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