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Business Analysis Agility and Systems Thinking

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Business Analysis Agility and Systems Thinking

September 9, 2021 @ 8:00 am 11:30 am

Change happens fast. Organisations must be more agile today if they are to keep up with events and changing needs. But there remains one indisputable foundation for any kind of change or development effort — there must be a clear and unambiguous interpretation of the problems being addressed, and that any change introduced must be truly valuable to the organisation.

Two crucial and complementary disciplines that contribute to this clarity are ​business analysis and systems thinking.​ In this half-day, practical and interactive masterclass you have the opportunity to explore these intersecting disciplines.

You will hear:

– What systems thinking is, and why it helps business analysts
– What business analysis is and how it is enhanced by systems thinking
– Assessing the context
– The “Solution Illusion” — people just want to buy stuff
– A technique for analysing stakeholder perspectives
– Techniques for analysing ‘messy’ problematical situations and understanding root causes
– How to propose the best action to take
– Using multiple candidate solutions to probe customers’ problems and values
– How you can investigate the solution space to propose the best option
– Practical guidance for writing user stories and non-functional -requirements
– Synchronising business analysis discovery and iterative development

The session will be highly interactive, and is packed with practical concepts and techniques. Additionally, during the session there is ample opportunity to interact with the presenters and ask your own questions, discuss your problems and real-world examples, and to discover what systems thinking and business analysis can do for you.

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