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Back to the Feature – A Practical Guide to Iterative Analysis with Stuart Mann

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Back to the Feature – A Practical Guide to Iterative Analysis with Stuart Mann

September 7, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm

The agile manifesto tells us to value “working software over comprehensive documentation” but how can we practically apply this value without sacrificing quality and rigour? How can we ensure that our requirement providers and analysts connect with our coders and testers to deliver fast, reliable value? How do you solve the analysis conundrum and eliminate the “documentation handoff” that plagues many teams?

In this presentation, we’ll cover how teams can use feature hypotheses to write just the right amount of documentation, methods to split features into the smallest possible chunk of value for iterative analysis, how to get fast feedback on outcomes and how an innovation day can change the paradigm and move you to documentation-less development.

The talk is jam-packed with practical examples from the presenter’s experience managing agile transformations and uses storytelling throughout to illustrate key points

Stuart Mann

About the Speaker
Stuart Mann is a reformed waterfall guy who is now a passionate Agile Coach. He is a father (two girls), husband (one wife) and a trainee feminist. In his spare time, Stuart is a compulsive marathon runner having run over 250 marathons and ultra marathons. He is a prolific writer with a popular blog (, monthly column in South Africa’s largest running publication (Modern Athlete) and a regular contributor of athletics articles to Stuart’s lifetime ambition is to secure a beer sponsor.

Stuart is a frequent presenter at local and international conferences where he typically provides a different perspective on traditional topics. If you’d like to connect with Stuart you can do so on LinkedIn or Twitter (work profile @StuartDMann & running profile @runningmann100).

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