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BA Fringe at BA Conference Europe 2021

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we will be broadcasting six episodes of #BAFringe during the BA Conference Europe 2021.  We’ll be interviewing speakers to get an insight into some of the topics being covered during the conference.

If you are attending the conference, you’ll find us on the ‘BA Fringe’ stage.  If you can’t attend, the good news is that you can attend these #BAFringe sessions on YouTube.  (Other conference sessions require a ticket, of course, it is just these informal sessions that are available for free).

You’ll find links to the YouTube broadcasts below.  Be sure to add them to your diary, and subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications so that you see when we post new content.

(PS: Be sure to check out the full conference agenda, and get yourself a full ticket if you can. There is so much more to the conference than #BAFringe.)

21st September
08:30 – 08:55 UK time (BST)

E1: Benefits & Reflection

  • Benefits, and their relevance to BAs with Sam Merrick
  • The importance of reflection with Dave Beckham

21st September
10:10 – 10:35  UK time (BST)

E2: Collaboration & Avoiding Burnout

  • How to collaborate well across disciplines, with Jo Solecki & Ella Turner
  • Avoiding Burnout with Donovan Grant

21st September
13:30 – 13:55 UK time (BST)

E3: Empowerment & Digitalisation

  • Empowerment is more than confidence with Jamie Toyne & Tammy Kennedy
  • Digitalisation with Jeneil Stephen

22nd September
08:30 – 08:55 UK time (BST)

E4: Agility & Emerging Technology

  • Agility and ‘being agile’ with Lyn Girvan
  • Emerging Technology: AI & ML a ‘teaser’ with Imtiaz Kaderbhoy

22nd September
09:55 – 10:20 UK time (BST)

E5: Avoiding Digital Exclusion & Gamification

  • Avoiding digital exclusion with Agnieszka Lozowicka
  • Gamification with Jen Battan

22nd September
12:30 – 13:00 UK time (BST)

E6: BA Techniques, Digital Neuroscience & Ethics 

  • Business Analysis Techniques with Debra Paul, Jonathan Hunsley, Dave Beckham and James Cadle
  • Digital Neuroscience & Ethics with Rachel Drinkwater