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Webinar Recording: Implementing Business Success: The Importance of Target Operating Models with Caroline Beasley

As a business analyst, have you been assigned to an IT project where the focus is on delivering the technical solution and ‘passing it over the fence’ for the business to run with?

It is a familiar story that often results in your end users not really reaping the true value of the change.

Delivering successful change, where your end users feel true value, is often underpinned by investing time in defining ‘how’ the change will operate—the target operating model—and more importantly, implementing the operating model.

In this session Caroline shares her experiences of her most recent use case for a global bank. You will learn:
• What a target operating model is
• Approach to defining a target operating model
• Why a Business Analyst is perfectly skilled for the job
• What challenges you may face • Turning a target operating model on paper into a reality

The webinar was recorded, and can be viewed below:

About the Speaker

Caroline Beasley

Caroline is a Consultant Senior Business Analyst at Holley Holland and is an enthusiastic and collaborative Change professional, with two decades of business analysis, transformation and change experience under her belt.

She has extensive experience working across regulated organisations to understand their business drivers and requirements and has been key in delivering their desired business change, supported by technology.

Over the course of her career Caroline has worked as a traditional project-assigned business analyst, where she has been responsible for problem analysis, requirements management and acceptance definition, to supporting other Change areas, including user adoption, business readiness and operating model design and implementation.

Holley Holland
Holley Holland is a global transformation consultancy that is practitioner-led through their Data & Analytics, Digital, Technology & Innovation & Risk and Regulatory practices. Holley Holland expertly resolves business and technical challenges for financial services institutions around the world, with each engagement led by industry experts who have real-life business experience

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