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Webinar Recording: So, Are You a Product Thinker? With Anna Kochanowska

Software delivery often comes to continuous output fatigue with little to none observable impact. Outputs are easy to plan, easy to assign, relatively easy to produce, definitely easy to see. They give a sense of completion. In practice, teams are “doing agile” while not being able to bring a working product to their customers.

Without a working product there is no change adoption, no behaviour change. Product orientation focuses on the customer behaviour aspect that is anticipated to lead to meaningful business improvement. This session was recorded and can be viewed below:

Business analysis & product management are strategic allies who enable product thinking by ingesting product discovery, focus on problem domain exploration, experiment with solutions and drive continuous learning.

Digital is not yet another label for a BA, it’s an evolution. It needs to happen to adjust to the new reality that is caused by how business and customer needs change and how we should be able to respond to them.

I want to encourage BAs to apply product thinking, to show how this concept translates into our role, how it should evolve, what competencies we need, and how we should reshape the traditional business analysis capability in order to help our organizations to speak the same language – the language of outcomes and value.

Anna Kochanowska

About the Speaker
Business Analyst at heart, passionate about business analysis capability in the context of agile ways of working. Always looking for opportunities to transform company practices into fresh, value-driven approaches leading to more efficient ways. Product thinking enthusiast, co-author of Product Orientation concept, currently in the role of product management & product centricity catalyst in Roche Informatics.

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