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Webinar Recording: Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will: How to Become a Braver Business Analyst with Simon Platt

Have you ever wondered what could have been? How a situation may have gone differently had you been a little bolder? Do you worry about stepping outside your comfort zone for fear of failure? The fear of failure is often far worse than the failure itself!

In this interactive talk Simon Platt gave an insight into how he has embraced a lifetime of self-doubt, setbacks, and self-perceived ‘failures’ into making him a more resilient person and a more versatile business analyst. One that is prepared to seek out risks and lean into the so-called failures – not as an end-state, but as an unsuccessful attempt towards success. The session was recorded and can be viewed below:

Simon shared experiences from his 16 years as a business analyst – as well as some unique inspirations from his personal life – to provide you with some tips and tools on becoming a braver business analyst!

Key learnings:

✔️ How to reframe failures as attempts towards success, not the end-state
✔️ An insight into catastrophising. What is the worst that could really happen?
✔️ How to find inspiration and motivation from the most unexpected places

Simon Platt, wearing a wool hat, with snow behind him.

About the Speaker
Simon is a Principal Business Analyst at Whitbread PLC, with 16 years’ experience in helping deliver change initiatives from the very big, to the very small, and everything in between. Simon has worked across several sectors including financial services, transportation, and hospitality.

Away from the workplace, Simon is a super-keen endurance challenge enthusiast and a passionate advocate for neurodiversity acceptance, a topic very close to his heart