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Webinar Recording: The Art Of Backlog Management: An Interactive Q&A with Lyn Girvan & Mick Brian

Have you ever tried to navigate through a messy backlog, with hundred (or thousands) of seemingly unrelated stories? Or perhaps you’ve struggled to grapple with prioritisation of backlog items? Or maybe you’ve had a debate over whether developers should be adding ‘technical stories’ to the product backlog… if so, this is definitely the session for you! This session was recorded and can be viewed below:

Session Description
On paper, backlog management sounds simple, but the reality is quite different. In this session we are joined by two leading expert practitioners who will provide us with tips, tricks and techniques to avoid backlog related woes.

During this session, you’ll hear about:

✔️How a backlog can be created in the first place (and why it needs deliberate and conscious thought)
✔️The importance of ‘definition of ready’ and ‘definition of done’
✔️Tips for keeping junk out of the backlog in the first place
✔️Tips for ensuring stories are sliced and prioritised appropriately
✔️… and much, much more besides

About the Speakers

Lynda Girvan

Lynda Girvan has over 25 years’ experience in business analysis, systems development and transformational change. Lynda has extensive experience of adding value to organisations, from coaching agile development teams through to advising and coaching on Board-level change programmes. Lynda’s particular strength is applying her knowledge of business analysis and agile to help organisations overcome challenging business problems.

Lynda is CMC Partnership Consultancy’s Head of Agile and Business Analysis, an Agile Coach with the Scrum Alliance, a Fellow of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and a Prosci® Change Practitioner. Lynda is co-author of the BCS books, ‘Agile from first principles’ (2022) and ‘Agile and Business Analysis’(2017) and experienced speaker and key note speaker on these subjects at European and international conference

Mick Brian

Mick Brian comes with a unique background in the British Army and UK Special Forces as well as in industry and consulting. As the Head of Change and Transformation at CMC, he has spent decades addressing complex change challenges. Apart from his professional achievements, Mick is an avid beekeeper who has incorporated the lessons of nature into his work. He leverages his experience to foster agility, complexity, and emergent change, helping people understand, adapt, and thrive.

At the core of his work is his dedication to helping individuals, teams and organisations become comfortable with uncertainty and navigate complex, emergent changes. Mick’s passion for personal growth, leadership, and development drives him to continue expanding his knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving world of complex change.

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