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Webinar Recording: Moving Away from Backlog Driven Development: A New Chapter in Agility? With Allan Kelly

On 12th December, we were joined by Allan Kelly to discuss whether, and how, to move away from ‘backlog driven development’. The session was recorded and can be viewed below:

About This Webinar:
If you’re practising agile, the chances are that you have a backlog. In fact, you might have a huge, bloated backlog that from a distance looks suspiciously waterfall…

Backlogs can be useful, but as teams become truly agile, are they still needed? Or are backlogs like training wheels on a bicycle… they get you so far, but to really thrive you need to ‘let go’ and take the risk?

At a recent conference, Allan Kelly delivered a presentation where he discussed this very point. “But how would that work in practice?” I hear you ask… that is what we’ll discuss in this session!

During this discussion, you’ll hear

✔️ What backlogs are useful for, and when they can be a hindrance
✔️ When (and why) teams should consider ditching the backlog altogether
✔️ Practical tips for transitioning away from backlog driven development

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