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Webinar Recording: Is the Digital Skills Gap Hindering Your Organisation’s Agility? With Christina Lovelock and Jamie Toyne

This webinar was part of the Leeds Digital Festival. It was recorded and can be viewed below

The digital skills gap is now arguably the biggest risk to digital transformation globally.

Organisations that keep “recruiting like we always have” are facing spiralling costs and regular disruption; recurring cost of constant recruitment, costs of attracting and retaining top talent, costs of covering “short term gaps”.

To stay ahead of our competitors we need to deliver our projects and products effectively and at pace, and to do so we need to start thinking differently. Fast.

In this session we will discuss the digital skills gap: what it is, how it has the potential to hinder an organisation’s ability to deliver. More importantly, we’ll discuss what we can all do about it. Now.

Hear views from our highly experienced panel, and get your questions answered too.

In this session, you’ll hear:
✔ What the digital skills gap is, and why it matters
✔ Practical steps practitioners and organisations can take
✔ The importance of equity, diversity & inclusion in bridging the skills gap