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Webinar Recording: Playfulness in Facilitation using Liberating Structures with Carsten Grønbjerg Lützen

Have you heard about Liberating Structures? This talk will give you some ideas and examples on how to use Liberating Structures to achieve a more playful type of facilitation. Carsten will share how he used Liberating Structures both at the LEGO Group and other events

In this recording you can expect to:

  • Get introduced to the concepts of Liberating Structures
  • Hear Some examples from Carsten on how he used them in different teams, workshops, and big events with several hundred participants
  • Have a lot of fun along the way!

About the Speaker

Carsten Grønbjerg Lützen

Carsten Grønbjerg Lützen
Carsten spends a lot of energy on sharing ideas, tips, and tricks on his YouTube channel every week, hoping to inspire people to share their best tips and tricks as well.

His motto is: “I don’t care if people talk about knitting in the Dark Ages, as long as they’re passionate about it. If they’re passionate about what they do, I’ll love to learn more”.