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Webinar Recording: Benefits: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t. Beware the Wizard of Woz with Sam Merrick

All organisations need to adapt to survive and to thrive. Yet, all too often organisations are finding themselves in an internal battle over which changes to fund. Working out the most beneficial adaptations to make is critical to the organisation surviving and thriving in often dynamic business environments.

In large organisations, the corporate strategy creates an overall purpose and direction for business units. However, when this is devolved, the demands of the competing business strategies need to be balanced in transformation decision making. Sometimes this can lead to “disappearing benefits”, where benefits claimed are never realised, in order to gain favour during internal prioritisation.

In this recording we follow our hero, Anna Lizst of Emerald City Ltd, as she battles the Wizard of Woz, a master of disappearing benefits – to help the organisation to achieve its transformation yellow brick road-map.

Through this story, you will hear:

  •  A method for identifying benefits and relating to business changes
  •  A framework for mutual benefit across stakeholder groups and benefits over time
  •  A way to deal with risk and uncertainty in early benefits planning and how to improve its accuracy

About the Speaker

Sam Merrick
Sam Merrick is an IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional and BCS Advanced Diploma holder, who is passionate about business analysis and using the BA toolkit to optimise business benefits for large organisations. He has worked in financial services for ten years from entry business analyst to a practice manager and has recently stepped into the energy sector, to test his skills in a new domain. He is an advocate of life-long learning, an active mentor in his spare time, as well as a Director at IIBA UK.