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Webinar Recording: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Stakeholder Management with Elizaveta Ivankova

It’s a challenging task to motivate even several people in one room, but now many of us work remotely and stakeholder management becomes even trickier. It can take years to dive deep into details about every way of managing stakeholders, but sometimes we just need a list of options to choose from.

I invite you to join me on a hitchhiking journey among different methods of stakeholders management. We will have an overview of numerous options with some hints when to use them, so that you have a short guide for your next project adventure.

The brief plan of our journey:

  • What does a hitchhiker have in common with a business analyst?
  • Stakeholders – who are they and why do we need to manage them at all?
  • Overview of stakeholder management options
  • List of sources and authors who inspired this journey (for the deep dive into details, if you wish to try a specific option)

You can view the webinar recording below:

About The Speaker
Elizaveta Ivankova is an ICT Business Analyst with 8+ years of experience in developing web, desktop, mobile and IoT projects. She has been working at outsource companies, so has participated in projects from different domains, including education, insurance, civil aviation, telecommunications, consumer electronics and several others.