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Webinar Recording: Analyst to Architect with David O’Hara

This webinar explores the key similarities and differences in skillset, toolset and mindset between Business Analysts & Business Architects (as well as touching on adjacent disciplines such as Service Design and Solution Architecture).

You’ll hear what makes a ‘good’ business architect and outline some possible career paths from Analyst to Architect.

Webinar Recording

Links from webinar
David’s Infographic (on Hedwyn’s website)
Link to Mural board
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David O#Hara

About the Speaker
David O’Hara is a co-founder of Hedwyn, a strategy consultancy focused on adaptive change through a combination of systems thinking, design thinking, and enterprise architecture. 

David previously headed up London-based EA consultancy FromHereOn, where he earned a reputation as a leading practitioner, speaker and trainer on Business Architecture.

David brings over 20 years’ experience working at the intersection of business and technology, and 15+ years as a Business Architecture consultant and trainer, for clients in the UK, Europe, North America and APAC.  With a grounding as a Business Analyst in the Telco industry, David has ‘walked the path’ from Business Analyst to Business Architect.