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Webinar Recording: Change Management vs Business Analysis: Where Is The Line Drawn? With Jennifer Bedell

In this #BACommunity webinar we were joined by Jennifer Bedell to discuss the similarities and differences between business analysis and change management.

About the Webinar
Business analysis is a broad role and this breadth can lead to areas of overlap and even conflict.  One of the disciplines that business analysis intersects with is that of change management.  Change Managers can be a BAs best friend if there’s a clear agreement over roles, responsibilities and how to collaborate.  In this interactive session, we’ll explore:

  • What change management is, how it differs from business analysis, and why they are stronger together
  • Areas of possible conflict and how to avoid them
  • How to agree areas to collaborate on
  • Shared tools and techniques that are relevant for both disciplines (and how these can be shared to save time)

About the Speaker
Jennifer has presented internationally at several conferences in person and virtually with topics related to business analysis, change management, and work-life balance. Her goal is to inspire others to be the positive influence in their projects by sharing her experiences. Jennifer loves to look at the world through multiple perspectives. This may be why she was selected as the SME for a system replacement project back when she was still a disability claims adjudicator. That project led her to roles in Quality, Business Analysis, Change Management and everything in between. She is currently leading teams of Business Analysts for both her employer and her client.