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Webinar Recording: Cultivating Dissent — Why Ensuring Voices Are Heard is Hard with Raafat Zaini

In this #BACommunity webinar we were joined by Raafat Zaini who discussed the tricky topic of dissent in organisations. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.

About the Webinar

Organisation’s scholars rave about dissent and how great it is for organizational performance. Yet many seem to hate it. Even organisations claiming to have dissent tolerance abandon it after some time. Why? Because dissent is a dynamic phenomenon that requires time and effort to receive, process, and show value.

To explore dissent dynamics, Raafat and his colleagues built a system dynamics model to understand the impact of dissent accumulation on organisational climate, composition, and performance.  In this webinar, you can find out more. You can download the original paper “Organisational Dissent Dynamics: A Conceptual Framework” here. 

About the Speaker

Raafat Zaini

Raafat Zaini is a research scientist at the Social Science and Policy Studies department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). His published research in modelling dynamic systems spans organizational design, dissent, change, strategy, and cognitive learning. Raafat worked as a researcher at the MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Centre and consulted for the Advance Management Group. He reviews for academic journals and conferences, including the Academy of Management, Management Communication Quarterly, and the system dynamics society.

Raafat volunteers in multiple organizations at different leadership capacities. He co-founded the weekly Collective Learning Meeting peer mentoring group. He also served as president of the WPI System Dynamics club. He is a policy council member of the system dynamics society. He is also the program director of Krosslink that collaborates with libraries to support entrepreneurship. 

Raafat has more than twenty years of industry experience. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering), M.S. in aeronautical and industrial engineering, and Ph.D. in system dynamics and organizational behaviour.