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Webinar Recording: Business Analyst or Business Anthropologist? With Anushka Read, Nick de Voil & Zara Sheldrake

In this #BACommunity webinar, we were joined by Anushka Read, Nick de Voil & Zara Sheldrake who discussed anthropology and its relevance for business analysis.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.

You can view the Mural shared whiteboard created by the participants of this webinar here.

About The Webinar

Anushka and Zara have a theory that anthropologists and business analysts have a lot in common. They got to wondering if we’re actually business anthropologists. In this webinar they provided an overview of anthropology for those who aren’t familiar with the area, and pointed out some of the similarities in skills and tools that they’ve noticed.

They hope that by exploring this similarity, our profession can look to anthropology to learn new skills and expand our approaches.

About The Speakers

Anushka Read: Anushka joined Aviva in the late summer of 2020 as a BA Apprentice. Before this attending the University of Essex studying Social Anthropology with Human Rights. She is excited to see where the BA-Anthropology journey takes her.Anushka Read
Zara Sheldrake: Zara is a people person with a technology problem, so naturally she’s a business analyst. She is a co-founder of the Cambridge Business Analysis community and a Senior BA at the University of Cambridge.
Nick de Voil: Nick is a consultant specialising in business analysis and user experience. He’s the author of the BCS book “User Experience Foundations” and, like Adrian, a past president of IIBA UKNick de Voil