Building Business Capability Conference Extra

With the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference just a few days away (19 – 23 October), we’re very pleased to announce that we will be producing a brand new ‘bonus’ part of the conference: BBC Conference Extra

BBC Conference Extra will be a series of live-stream shows which are broadcast during some of the breaks. There will be interviews with speakers, competitions and other content. It’ll simultaneously stream on YouTube too, so even if you can’t make the conference, you can get a taste of some of the topics being discussed.

We hope you can join us! You’ll find the links below.

DateTime (PT)TopicsLink
21 Oct09:50Episode 1: Levelling up your career & agileView on YouTube
12:25Episode 2: Product management & digital transformationView on YouTube
14:45Episode 3: Business agility & cybersecurityView on YouTube
22 Oct09:55Episode 4: DataView on YouTube
12:30Episode 5: Business architecture & product ownershipView on YouTube
16:00Episode 6: Changing change & changing processesView on YouTube
23 Oct09:55Episode 7: Biggest takeaways from the conferenceView on YouTube