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Webinar Recording: Thriving in Change: The Art of Self-Leadership for Change Professionals with George Wilkinson

In this #BACommunity webinar we were joined by George Wilkinson, who discussed the importance of self-leadership. The session was recorded and can be viewed below.

Change seems to be the only constant in business and in life.  Whether you’re a business analyst, tester, project manager or other professional you probably spend a significant portion of your professional life implementing change.  Yet the recent pandemic has probably helped us all realise how difficult it can be to live through change.   For change to be successful, we need to understand ourselves and empathise with others.  In addition to this, we need to lead ourselves before we can even begin to consider leading others.

In this conversational webinar, George Wilkinson, author of the book “Thrive – 7 Steps to Successful Self-Leadership” will discuss the importance of self-leadership in a range of contexts.    The topics covered include:

– Emotional Mastery: Why understanding the power of our emotions and being resilient in the face of change is crucial.
– Embracing Failure: Few things in life are certain, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know. Accept and embrace this for success.
– Decision Making: Change relies on decisions being made, and it can be equally important to facilitate decision making amongst a group.
– Leading Others: There are times to step-up and influence others–even if you don’t have formal ‘authority’ to do so.

About the Speaker
George Wilkinson moved away from Edinburgh, his city of birth, to join the British Royal Navy and left having served during the Gulf war in 91. He subsequently spent almost three decades working for, leading organisations such as SKY, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and the NHS. Here he performed strategic leadership, consulting and training roles, and now works with a variety of clients to help teams and individuals harness their real potential