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Webinar Recording: Is It Possible To Anticipate The Future? How BAs Can Help with Lori Silverman

In this #BACommunity webinar, we were joined by Lori Silverman who discussed the tricky topic of how (or whether) organisations can predict or anticipate the future. You can view the recording below.

About the Webinar
Why can we all name software applications that were out-of-date by the time they hit development? Or new products that missed the mark because consumer needs had shifted? Or websites that underestimated demand and ceased to function properly? Learn why and how BAs can play a key role in “strategic thinking.”

Lori Silverman

About the Speaker
As the founder/CEO of Partners for Progress®, Lori has helped enterprises across 25 industries strategize about their future and navigate through messy, complex change. She’s also a pioneer in the field of business storytelling, having authored three best-selling books, and is known around the world for her work in collaborative data-informed decision-making — a part of what she calls Data Literacy 2.0™. As a keynote speaker at more than 80 events (BA Conferences in Cape Town, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia), Lori has  inspired thousands of people to take action. She’s an adjunct professor in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Master’s program at Golden Gate University. Follow her on LinkedIn, or through her LinkedIn Live show, Level Up With Lori,