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Webinar Recording: To nudge or not to nudge That is the question! With Andy Tabberer

In this #BACommunity Webinar we were joined by Andy Tabberer who presented a session exploring ‘nudging’ and its relevance to organisations and those involved in change programmes. The webinar was recorded and you can view the recording below.

Webinar Description
Learn more about what we mean by nudge theory and how small nudges can make a big difference in delivery and the workplace

About the Speaker
Andy is the Delivery Manager Footasylum. He has been working in and around digital delivery for many a moon, in both the public and private sector, with clients ranging from AO to IAAF to the DfE. He is a regular presenter at the Deliver Sessions in Manchester and previously ran the BIMA DPM meetup in Sunny Liverpool. His colleagues would say he needs to be fed and watered often but is otherwise fun to work with. When not in the office, he endures his exuberant offspring, finding solace in preparing restaurant quality meals for his wife, with whom he shares a love of birds.