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Webinar Recording: Ethical Project Reporting with Dr. Alexia Nalewaik

In this #BACommunity Webinar we were joined Dr. Alexia Nalewaik who presented a session entitled Ethical Project Reporting. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.

Webinar Description
Reports are a primary means of communication on projects, and also part of the system of control and governance, used to provide assurance, bring attention to issues, and prompt action to improve project outcomes. There are many different kinds of project reports. This webinar discusses project reporting in the context of available data, stakeholder expectations, risk management, systemic challenges, and ethical issues.

Alexia Nalewaik

About the Speaker
Dr. Alexia Nalewaik is a professor of project management and sole practitioner consultant. She has over 25 years of experience in audit, systemic risk, project analytics, process improvement, and management. Alexia is a Fellow of RICS Americas, AACE International, the Guild of Project Controls, and ICEC. She is a Past President of AACE International, and a Past Chair of ICEC. Alexia has just published a new book, “Project Cost Recording and Reporting”. More information can be found at