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Webinar Recording: Digital Transformation or ‘Digital as Usual’?: The Power of a ‘Top Tasks’ Approach with Gerry McGovern

During this #BACommunity Webinar we were joined by Gerry McGovern, Founder & CEO of Customer Carewords and author of ‘Top Tasks: A How To Guide’ who presented a webinar entitled Digital Transformation or ‘Digital as Usual’?: The Power of a ‘Top Tasks’ Approach. The webinar was recorded, and you can view the recording below

Webinar Recording

Webinar Description
Organisations are increasingly focussing on projects to create and enhance their ‘digital’ presence whilst simultaneously enhancing the level of ‘customer experience’ that they provide.  Yet too many of these projects are driven purely from an internal perspective, with little or no input from actual customers.  Websites, apps and portals become bloated with content, lists and widgets, as we seize upon every possible idea or suggestion.  If a problem later emerges that a customer cannot find something, then we respond by providing more content and functionality… perhaps an FAQ, or a set of navigational instructions.  In doing so we’ve at best added a sticking plaster, and at worst we have compounded the problem further.

Perhaps rather than focussing on ‘digital transformation’ and projects that ‘implement and forget’, we should be transitioning to ‘digital as usual’.  A new way of thinking about our digital portals, our content and crucially our customers and other stakeholders.  After all, digital is never done.

In this webinar, Gerry McGovern, author of ‘Top Tasks: A How to Guide’ will give an overview of the Top Tasks approach to understanding what really matters to customers.  During the webinar you’ll hear:

  • What ‘Top Tasks’ are, and why they matter
  • The common fallacy of focussing on ‘tiny tasks’ that customers really don’t care about
  • How to identify Top Tasks
  • Tips for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of tasks
  • Why ‘digital is never done’ 

About the Speaker

Gerry McGovern speaking at conference

Gerry has developed Top Tasks, a customer experience management model. Top Tasks has been used by organisations such as Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Toyota, Google, IBM, the European Union, and the US, UK, Dutch, Canadian, Norwegian, and Irish governments.

Top Tasks helps organisations improve customer experience through identifying and optimising customer top tasks. It has been developed over 15 years and has been used more than 400 times, with an estimated 300,000 customers participating. A highly-regarded speaker, Gerry has spoken on digital customer experience in more than 35 countries. He has written seven books. His latest is called Top Tasks, which is a detailed how-to implementation guide.

The Irish Times has described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the Web. He has appeared on BBC, CNN and CNBC television, partaken in various radio shows, and featured in numerous print media publications. He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords and is on the board of Task Analytics. He is a member of the alternative rock group Yelling Bones.

Twitter: @gerrymcgovern