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Webinar Recording: Systems Dynamics: The BA Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed! With Wim Debreuck

In this BA community webinar, we were joined by Wim Debreuck of Debreuck Neirynck who discussed the relevance of Systems Dynamics, a systems thinking approach, for BAs:

Systems Dynamics: The BA Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed! With Wim Debreuck

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.

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Webinar Description

How to use a pre-software-age science in new-school software-design where data is everywhere and cheap.

System Dynamics is a modelling technique from the 1950s, used to understand dynamic complex systems. In combination with current streaming data architectures, the technique morphs into a prediction engine/real life monitoring system.

In the talk we’ll cover:

  • What System Dynamics is and its value in today’s Business Analysis & Application Design
  • The difference between process-design model and equivalent process-behaviour model
  • Benefits to a BA in using process behaviour models.
  • The difference between model-simulation, monitoring, and prediction
  • The concept of SD model patterns – “The MSB-project”

This webinar will also explain the difference between linear and non-linear event-streams, and how to incorporate them both into a model.

A key takeaway from this session will be to try to not only design/model ‘a process’, but also to model the ‘behaviour of a process’. Something that is most often left to the helpdesk in a post-production-release era.

About the Presenter
Wim DebreuckWim’s mission is to explore strange new behaviour, to seek out new specifications and new business value. To boldly design new systems where it matters.

Wim is a Business Analyst/Functional Architect and founder of software engineering company Debreuck Neirynck. His organisation constructs niche systems involving complex planning & calculation demands.

He has been designing, building & implementing systems for the past 20 years, with a range of impressive clients and certifications.

You can check out Wim’s blog here.