In this BA Community Webinar we were joined by Gavin Meikle of Inter-Activ, who will be providing practical tips on designing and delivering a powerful presentation.

Webinar: Powerful, Persuasive Presentations for BAs – How to move your audience towards action

The webinar can be viewed below.

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Webinar Description

There are three essential elements to an effective presentation. Content, Structure and Delivery. Gavin will share  practical advice and examples in each of these areas including
  • The number one reason why presentations fail
  • The role of relevance and how to establish it
  • How to bring your script to life and engage your audience
  • Common PowerPoint mistakes and how to Avoid Them
  • Making the most of the Q&A 

About the Speaker

Gavin MeikleFollowing a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, Gavin set up his own communication skills training consultancy in 1997. Since then he’s been helping individuals and teams master the art of effective communication. An accomplished, in-demand speaker, Gavin has spent most of his working life unpacking what the best presenters do, and then teaching it to the rest of us. He recently published his first book on the subject. The Presenter’s Edge is a practical no-nonsense guide to developing and delivering persuasive presentations.