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Webinar Recording: Assertiveness and the Power of NO with Almarie Meyer

In this BA Community Webinar, we were joined by Almarie Meyer of Almey Insights whose session was entitled :

Assertiveness and the Power of NO

I am sure this is a topic that will resonate with many of us in the business analysis community, as it is often difficult to juggle competing priorities and projects.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.

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Webinar Description

Effective communication is a key component of leadership and building relationships. Many of us have acquired bad communication habits over the years and may not even be aware that there are better ways to communicate. The purpose of communicating is gaining mutual understanding and the most effective way of communicating is by being assertive. Assertive people have been found to be less stressed, better at finding common ground and are excellent problem-solvers.

In this webinar we will explore the different communication styles, look at avoiding common pitfalls and provide practical tips for improving communication.  We will also be covering the importance of active listening in improving communication,  and the counter-intuitive way that saying no to requests will improve relationships.

About the Speaker

Almarie MeyerAlmarie Meyer started working in the 1980s in South Africa and has held a range of technical specialist, account management and senior leadership positions.  She is currently based in Perth Australia where she now runs her own business teaching others to be effective leaders through improving their communication and presentation skills.

Almarie Meyer is a recovering YESaholic who has made all the communication mistakes in the book and uses this experience to help others avoid making the same mistakes. She has learned how to overcome the urge to do everything a customer or client asks for, and she now uses better communication techniques  to improve outcomes for both herself and her stakeholders at all levels . She loves teaching others how to avoid  being overworked and stressed out, while still delivering over and beyond expectations.

She has worked in semi-government and private organisations, ranging from 30 to 150 000 employees, mostly in financial services, transport and utilities. She is also a keen Toastmaster, introvert and a lifelong learner.