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Webinar Recording: The Cause, Removal and Prevention of Business Process Tangles with Brian Hunt

In this BA community webinar we were joined by Brian Hunt of Business Process Agility who presented a session entitled The Cause, Removal and Prevention of Business Process Tangles. This is a topic that I am sure many of us will identify with, as I am sure many of us have navigated our way through (and analysed) very ‘knotty’ business processes.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.  If you enjoy the webinar we’d encourage you to join Brian’s Business Process Tangles Facebook Page, which is a great place to keep the conversation going.

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Webinar Description

Business process tangles are a complicated and confused interaction of activities, without clear accountabilities, owners, inputs and outputs. They often develop as companies grow and change, resulting in wasted time and resources.

This webinar will explain how business tangles occur, how to fix them and how to prevent them.  It will also explain why the ear buds in you pocket or handbag get tangled and how that relates to business process tangles.


Brian HuntAbout the Speaker

Brian Hunt is a self employed business process consultant and CBAP® with a previous career as an electronics engineer. He learned to be an effective engineer by taking things apart to find out why they don’t work, how to make them work better, how to change them or integrate them into other systems.  He argues that the same approach applies to getting the best out of business processes and management systems.

Brian has over thirty years experience of business process design, improvement and management  in public private and voluntary sectors.  He specialises in removing process tangles and creating simplicity out of chaos.

This webinar introduces his approach to finding, removing and preventing business process tangles.