Adrian SpeakingWe’re very pleased to announce that Blackmetric’s Principal Consultant Adrian Reed will be speaking at the Innovation, Business Change & Technology Forum Europe 2017.  Adrian’s presentation is entitled “Strategy: Crucial Enabler or Tired Cliche?” and will explore how strategy is addressed in modern organisations.

For more information, and to book your place, visit the conference website.  A short abstract of Adrian’s session is included below:

Strategy: Crucial Enabler or Tired Cliche?

Say the word ‘strategy’, and many people will respond with a glazed look and a sigh. Seen as a Dilbert-esque ‘corporate’ buzzword, people throughout organisations often disengage, seeing strategic thinking as something for those in an ivory tower. It is often seen as disconnected from the real-world, with bland internally-focussed vision statements and strategic plans festering away twenty-six links deep on a corporate intranet. It is seen as a barrier to change, and associated with bureaucracy and governance.  Yet pursuing change and innovation without a cohesive set of strategic principles is like setting sail without a destination, a compass or a map. All important change requires co-ordinated effort, and this cohesion can be achieved with a clear, crisp, concise strategy. Done well, this ensures we have a laser-like focus on delivering products and services in a way that our customers love.

In this presentation, Adrian Reed positions strategy as a crucial enabler for the success of organisations, innovation and change, and proposes that everyone in an organisation is responsible for the alignment and delivery against that strategy.  You will hear:

  • What strategy is, and more importantly what it isn’t
  • The reason that we should focus on strategy, even when others are telling us to ‘just get going’ with a particular course of action
  • A range of practical strategic analysis techniques that can be used early in the business change lifecycle
  • What to do when strategy is ‘cloudy’ or our organisations seem to be pursuing conflicting goals
  • How innovation and change can shape strategy, and vice versa – and the relevance of strategy even in fluid, unpredictable business contexts.

The conference will be held 21-23 March 2017, and you can find out more by visiting the conference website. We hope to see you there!