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[Video] Strategy: The Crucial Enabler

We’re very pleased to say that Adrian Reed (Blackmetric’s Principal Consultant) recently presented at the Building Business Capability Conference, Las Vegas, and his presentation was recorded.     You can view the presentation entitled  Strategy: The Crucial Enabler below, complete with slides and audio — in total it’s around 55 minutes long.

Here is a brief description of the session:

The words “strategy” and “strategic” are frequently used in organizations and might be seen by some as “corporate buzzwords”. Yet in reality, having a clearly articulated strategy is a crucial enabler for organizational alignment and success. As BAs, we need to ensure that our projects and programs align with strategy–else we may end up with different departments and teams pulling in different directions (and we may end up getting caught in the cross fire!)
The BA toolkit is broad, and there’s a huge opportunity for us to contribute. If we seize this opportunity we may get involved in shaping or defining organizational, project, program or business unit strategy.
In this presentation, Adrian Reed explores strategy through a business analysis lens, covering:

1. What is strategy?

2. The role of strategy and strategic thinking in Business Analysis

3. What can we do when strategy is “cloudy”?

4. A ‘whistle-stop tour’ of useful strategic analysis tools and techniques


We hope that you find the presentation useful.  If you do, you may be interested in our consulting services as well as our Pre-Project Problem Analysis and Strategy Analysis training courses.  If you have any queries, or would like to further discuss the topics that Adrian raises in his presentation, we’d love to speak to you.

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