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[Webinar Recording] Helping Stakeholders to Take a Step Back and Avoid the “Solution Illusion”

We recently presented a webinar, hosted by IRM UK, focussing on the importance of avoiding early solutioneering during projects.  The webinar is entitled Helping Stakeholders to Take a Step Back and Avoid the “Solution Illusion” and we’re pleased to say that the recording is available to watch below.


(NB: If you find this webinar useful, you may be interested in our pre-project problem analysis course.)

Webinar description: Helping Stakeholders to Take a Step Back and Avoid the “Solution Illusion” 

Imagine the scene: you’re assigned to a project that’s entering its detailed requirement phase. You trawl the existing project documentation and discover that a decision has been made to buy a major new enterprise-wide IT system – and it’s your job to write the “system requirements”. Your heart sinks: No analysis of the underlying problem has been made, and it looks suspiciously like the decision over which IT solution to buy may have been taken extremely prematurely. Project failure seems inevitable!

This is a hypothetical example, but I suspect many readers will relate to it. Sometimes organisations get blind-sided by the “Solution Illusion” – stakeholders fall in love with a solution and run projects to deploy it without a holistic understanding of the problem.

In this webinar, Adrian Reed of Blackmetric Business Solutions asks what we can do to help our organisations avoid the “solution illusion”. During the webinar you will hear tips and techniques to:

  • Encourage stakeholders to think more holistically
  • Quickly establish the rough scope of a problem
  • Elicit or validate the drivers of the project.